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Why Choose Us

Why is Spinal care so important?

It is important to educate your children about correct spinal care and postural habits and the consequences that may come with a heavy backpack. In addition to the development of long-lasting back pain, students wearing excessive weight in their backpacks may be at risk for multiple health conditions including:

Neck pain, tingling and numbness in the arms and shoulders, headaches, muscle spasms and postural

The heavy weight of a backpack can cause an unnatural alignment of the spine that forces students to offset the pressure by arching their back or bending forward at the hips, this may lead and worsen scoliosis condition.

How Tiger Family Schoolbag Can Help.

Tiger family acknowledge important of spinal care for your child. Tiger Family school bag is certified and review by German Orthopaedic Expert Dr Andreas Metzger and tested and develop by HongKong Polytech University. 

Tiger Family school bag has extra spinal padding which consists of frame and quality back padding to provide a spinal padding that ensures your kid’s posture is always correct when to carry their Tiger Family school bag. Our school bag is designed to balance the load stress on the bag itself by balancing with different compartments allowing the weight of the items in the bag to be evenly distributed. Tightened, padded straps should be worn on both shoulders to help position the weight of the bag.